Technical Data Sheet

Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Filter

Micro-screen rotating drum filters are an alternative to sand filtration especially when excessive waste water is a concern. The filtering process of drum screen filters is very simple, yet very efficient and reliable due to their overall design and operation. Drum filters are designed with few moving parts to ensure a long life with low operating/maintenance costs. Micro-screening essentially captures particles on a screen mesh while letting the water pass. The drum rotates and the solids retained on the screen are removed in a section by back-flushing with the previously filtered water.

Open type Closed Type

● Application : Aquaculture fish farming water mechanical filtration

● Material: SS304 for fresh water; SS316 or SS316L for salt water

● Designed water flow:15-1000 cubic meter per hr (m3/h)

● Mesh size: 25-150um


● Reliable electrical parts : ABB motor and converter, high quality vertical backwash pump

● Simple PLC operating system with selector MANUAL/STOP/AUTOMATIC

● Removable SS / Polypropylene / Nylon mesh pieces with 1/4 extra quantity for spare use

● Water level control with time control ensure normal running at same time

● Compact design with less occupied floor space

● Less water consumption & higher stability & easy maintenance